January 2018 Vigil

Call to Action

  1. Sign the petition asking the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights to investigate US Government treatment of asylum seekers. As signatories to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the US Government has an obligation to honor the fundamental right of everyone to seek asylum. Yet we hear stories every day about the violence and detention that refugees face at our southern border.
  2. Call your members of Congress and tell them you oppose funding for the border wall. Tell your Senators and Representative that you do not want your tax money put towards such a wasteful and inhumane expense. It is especially important that you contact Senator Amy Klobuchar at 612-727-5220, since she has indicated on national TV that she is willing to negotiate with President Trump. Follow Minnesota Caravan Solidarity on facebook for details on an upcoming action at her Minneapolis office.
  3. Lend financial support to the U of M medical mission for the refugee caravan. A team of doctors/nurses from the University of Minnesota will be visiting shelters near the border in Tijuana, Mexico, to provide care for the Honduran refugees in conjunction with local medical and social groups.
  4. Lend financial support to the Honduran human rights defenders that are accompanying the refugee caravan. While some are focused on charity for the refugee caravan, a number of grassroots organizers are focused on making sure the refugees are organized and that their stories are heard.
  5.  Join the Minnesota Caravan Solidarity group. Contact Sherilyn Young to be added to the email group. Follow Minnesota Caravan Solidarity on Facebook.