AID (Asylees, Immigrants and Detainees)

AID is a unique program that offers emotional and material support to immigrant individuals and families that face significant barriers to obtaining resources. We prioritize our resources for clients who are asylum seekers, undocumented individuals, and ICE detainees that face extreme hardship due to the immigration system and that do not qualify for or cannot access more traditional or institutional services for immigrants. AID volunteers develop relationships with clients, and help families in a variety of ways: securing emergency food and clothing, locating community resources, offering rides to important appointments and court hearings.

Because of our network of volunteers, associates and community partners, we are able to locate most resources quickly. AID is also able to offer limited financial stipends to help in situations of urgency or crisis.

Support Arriving Community Members

Provide direct support to immigrants and asylum seekers in your community. When you sign up with AID, we’ll reach out to you to schedule an orientation before connecting you with individuals and families near you.

AID Updates

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