Welcome to the Minnesota Interfaith Coalition on Immigration

ICOM engages in courageous spiritual, multicultural action in solidarity with immigrants and refugees to achieve justice and stand up to systems of oppression.


Vigils and Courtwatch

We hold a monthly vigil at 7:30am on the Second Tuesday of each month at the Whipple Federal Building to stand with our immigrant neighbors who are facing deportation and to stand in opposition to ICE practices that dehumanize and terrorize. We conduct court watch immediately following every vigil to bear witness to the cruelty of our immigration system.


Asylees, Immigrants and Detainees

The Asylees, Immigrants, and Detainees (AID) program enables ICOM volunteers to support immigrant individuals and families that face significant barriers to obtaining resources such as asylum seekers, undocumented individuals, and ICE detainees.


Advocacy and Organizing

ICOM is dedicated to advancing systematic changes to legislative and political structures to better protect the human and civil rights of immigrants and shield them from racial profiling and nativist bigotry. By working in coalition with immigrants rights and legal organizations, ICOM advocates for policy changes at all governmental levels.

We stand in solidarity with our immigrant neighbors and stand in opposition to ICE policies of detention and deportation that dehumanize immigrants and separate them from their families.

We are people of conscience who recognize the sacred humanity of all people.  Our diverse traditions teach us to welcome our immigrant, refugee, and asylee sisters and brothers.