Vigils and Courtwatch

On the second Tuesday of every month, ICOM hosts a prayer vigil at the Whipple Federal Building at Fort Snelling, the regional ICE headquarters for a five-state area and the site of both immigrant detention facilities and an immigration court. People of any faith and no particular faith are invited to join in an hour of prayer and song, hosted by a rotating cast of faith communities and social justice groups.  Guest speakers provide attendees with concrete opportunities to show solidarity with detainees and to oppose inhumane detention practices.

Every Second Tuesday of the Month

7:30 to 8:30 am

Bishop Henry Whipple Building, 1 Federal Drive, Saint Paul, MN 55111

After each vigil, ICOM invites attendees to join in observing immigration court proceedings — a powerful opportunity to witness how the deportation system works. ICOM’s courtwatch is unique in that it can also lead directly to helping detainees and their families.