Advocacy and Organizing

ICOM is dedicated to advancing systematic changes to legislative and political structures to better protect the human and civil rights of immigrants and shield them from racial profiling and nativist bigotry.

By working in coalition with immigrant rights and legal organizations, ICOM advocates for policy changes at all governmental levels. We are currently leading campaigns to end cooperation of county sheriffs with ICE and to pass state-level legislation limiting voluntary and unnecessary collaboration between state, county, and municipal law enforcement and federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  We are also supporting campaigns to oppose expansion of ICE detention facilities in Sherburne County, to have the name of Episcopal Bishop Henry Whipple removed from a building that is the source of terror and sorrow within our immigrant communities, and to allow all Minnesota residents to acquire driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status.

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Our campaigns:

Decriminalizing Communities Coalition

Minnesota Sanctuary State Coalition

Ending ICE Detention in Sherburne County

What Would Whipple Do?