October 2019 Vigil

Every vigil that ICOM organizes is important. Countless hours are spent thinking, planning, and implementing ways to respond to the oppression leveled against our immigrant sisters and brothers and their allies. This vigil will have special meaning. Donald Trump will be in town two days later at the Target Center.

7:30am, Tuesday, October 8
Bishop Henry Whipple Building, 1 Federal Drive, Fort Snelling, MN 55111

When Trump tried to end DACA, TPS and Asylum, we spoke out at our vigils. When Trump called immigrants “savages, rapists, and murderers”, we spoke out at our vigils. When Trump ripped crying children from the arms of their parents and put kids in cages, we spoke out at our vigils. And now, Trump is coming to our city and we need you to speak out again. 

Co-hosted by ICOM and the “Tuesday Vigilers”, on Oct. 8th, we encourage you to bring a sign with your own special message that denounces Trump and his policies, and that expresses your solidarity with our beloved immigrant community. 

We all know that immigrants travel long distances and take great risks to come to the U.S., and on Tuesday, we, too, will be taking a walk that is different from anything we’ve done before: we are going to attempt to walk all the way around the Federal Building. Along the way, there will be two flights of stairs to negotiate, one set going down and another set going up. If the authorities won’t allow this, so be it, we will stop and turn back. We will not go into Civil Disobedience mode and purposely get anyone arrested. 

There is no pressure for anyone to take this greater risk if you are not comfortable with that, but we do want you to know that we are going to try to walk around the building peacefully singing songs and carrying our signs. Those who decide not to go on the walk will meet the walking group back at the flag pole.

We hope you will join us on Tuesday morning.