Code of Conduct

MISSION STATEMENT: ICOM engages in courageous spiritual, multicultural action in solidarity with immigrants and refugees to achieve justice and stand up to systems of oppression.

In order to live out our mission statement effectively, ICOM members must agree to adhere to the following policies.  While our membership in meetings is open, and we want people to come to learn how they might become involved, this invitation may be revoked for the safety of those we serve as well as for other members.  While ICOM has no actual “membership,” the definition of an ICOM member for the purpose of this document is anyone who participates in ICOM activities, events, or meetings.

General Involvement

  1. No one should feel pressured to take on a task or responsibility they do not feel comfortable with.
  2. No one should pressure a person into taking on a responsibility if they have already declined.

Representing ICOM in public speaking

  1. Only those individuals designated by the ICOM Board should give statements on behalf of ICOM.  All others may identify that they are ICOM members, but must clarify that they are speaking on their own behalf.
  2. Do not make endorsements of politicians.
  3. Do not make negative statements about other activists or organizations.
  4. Keep all AID client information confidential

Standards of Behavior

  1. Respect​ equality of languages. When possible and as needed, business should be conducted in a manner that allows for translation.
  2. Respect​ everyone’s gender and orientation.  Asking others what personal pronouns they prefer is allowed and encouraged.
  3. Respect everyone’s immigration status and remember that this is a private matter for many.  Do not ask people about their immigration status. If someone shares their immigration status with you, assume that it should be kept confidential and should not be shared with others, posted online or shared with the press without explicit permission to do so.  
  4. Respect​ people’s religious beliefs or non-beliefs.
  5. Respect​ people’s personal space – touching people is not ok without consent.
  6. Respect any AID families or immigrants directly impacted by ICE/policies and do NOT ask for their personal information or immigration status.
  7. ICOM is an anti-racist organization, therefore racist images, works, and content of any kind is not allowed at any ICOM meetings or event.
  8. ICOM prioritizes inclusivity over urgency.  In other words, we will not use arbitrary deadlines as an excuse to limit the ability of others to give input or to participate.  
  9. ICOM prioritizes the safety of all who participate in our activities.  Those who knowingly and repeatedly expose others to risk will be asked to stop participating in ICOM activities.  Some examples of behaviors that put others at risk include:
    1. escalating conflict with bystanders or authorities during public actions
    2. refusal to wear a mask and practice social distancing in crowd settings during the pandemic
  10. Any instances of assault or improper contact with minors will result in the prohibition of the perpetrator from attendance at future ICOM events.  The authorities are likely to be notified in those instances.

Sexual, Verbal & Physical Harassment 

The safety of ourselves, our AID families and the people at our activities & partners is our top priority.   For the purposes of ICOM activities, sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome or inappropriate sexual remarks or pursuit of an unwanted romantic relationship to the point that the victim no longer feels comfortable in the presence of the other party.  This definition is centered on the feelings of comfort and psychological safety of the victim, not on the intent of the person accused of harassment.  ICOM activities or gatherings should not be used as a dating pool.  ICOM members or volunteers should not feel as though they have given consent to be approached romantically or sexually by attending an ICOM event.  

  1. Claims of harassment should be brought to the attention of an ICOM board member and will be kept confidential.  If necessary, the Board will execute a thorough investigation. Every claim will be confidential.
  2. Consequences of harassment by an ICOM member, board member or staff may include restoration and education process, a “time out” from activities while investigation takes place and/or expulsion from the group, decisions made by the board of directors.
  3. If the victim allows and the harasser is a member of the activist community, ICOM will notify other activist organizations of the harasser’s behavior.
  4. ICOM Board Members and Staff are strictly prohibited from entering into romantic or sexual relationships with ICOM AID recipients.  
  5. Those who have a history of making romantic or sexual advances towards other ICOM members or volunteers show a lack of respect for boundaries and create a toxic environment, will be asked to halt this behavior and possibly be banned from participation with ICOM.  

Board Transparency

  1. If any Board members will gain financially from decisions of the ICOM Board, that conflict of interest must be made known to the other Board members immediately.  The person in question may be asked to recuse themselves from the vote on that issue.
  2. Any personal or romantic relationships between Board members and ICOM staff must be made known to the rest of the Board.  The Board member involved in such a relationship may be asked to recuse themselves from votes on pay or other job responsibilities of the staff member involved in the relationship.


  1. Information collected by ICOM from its members and volunteers will not be shared or sold with organizations outside of ICOM.
  2. Board members and staff will not use private information of ICOM members or volunteers for personal financial gain (e.g. insurance sales) or to contact them for reasons unrelated to ICOM work.
  3. ICOM members and staff will refrain from publishing individually identifiable photos or personal information of others without their consent.  
  4. The safety and privacy of our AID recipients is of utmost importance.  Personally identifiable information about AID recipients should not be shared on social media, in publicly-shared documents, or in shared messaging (i.e. google group email) without express pre-approval by the AID recipients.

Social Media

  1. ICOM members and staff will not use our social media channels to defame, threaten, or harass others.
  2. ICOM members and staff will not post pictures or comments on our social media that are racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ, or bigoted towards any ethnic or religious community.  
  3. ICOM members or staff that post information on our social media will ensure, to the best of their ability, that the information is factual and from a credible source.
  4. ICOM members and staff will not use our social media to pretend to be someone they are not.
  5. ICOM members and staff will not post information to our social media that could be construed as endorsing a political candidate.  

Violation in any of the above may result in being asked to no longer participate in ICOM activities and work.

If you want to report an incident that violated this code of conduct, please feel free to email anyone on the board of directors or to use the form below.