SARI Call to Action in Sherburne County – CALL TODAY

A Call to Action from ICOM and SARI for all immigrant’s rights advocates and supporters in Minnesota.

Sheriff Joel Brott and the jailers at the Sherburne County jail in Elk River are out of control, especially with their use of solitary confinement and other concerns we’re previously raised about conditions in the jail overall.

Like other ICE jails, the Sherburne County jail routinely uses solitary confinement for the most minor of offenses, even putting people with mental illness in solitary confinement for extended periods of time.

“All inmates are treated professionally, with respect and with dignity that every human being deserves, regardless of their situation.”
– Sherburne County Sheriff, Joel Brott, Nov. 17, 2018-

Detainees have a right to due process, a sham process that is run by the jailers. But who knows whether the jail actually followed its own procedures, and whether people have been allowed to contest their placement in solitary. If a detainee asks for a hearing, they are NOT ALLOWED to question the jailer who wrote the report, unless the hearing officer agrees. And who can help the detainee during the appeal process? Jail staff.

The Sherburne County jail profits to the tune of $30,000 per day or $11 million per year from the pain and suffering of immigrant families. But this is not enough, Sheriff Brott and the County Board want $50,000 per day. While County officials are proud of these statistics, in reality it indicts them.

Brott and his jailers always justify their inhumane and immoral actions. So does ICE when children are caged and families separated. Without immigration detention there can be no immigration enforcement. The Sherburne County jail and ICE are one in the same.

– Sheriff Joel Brott 763-765-3500
– County Board Chair Tim Dolan 763-331-1923
– The Department of Corrections, Facility and Inspections, ask for Terrie Smith 651-361-7146

1) Stop the use of solitary confinement altogether. Noted psychologists and doctors have recognized that solitary confinement is a mechanism of torture.
2) Immediately release everyone who is being held in solitary confinement at the Sherburne County jail

Thank you, everyone. Please let us know what responses you receive from these calls. #AbolishICEandCollaborators