September 2019 Vigil

This month’s vigil will be sponsored by The Basilica of Saint Mary.

7:30am, Tuesday, September 10
Courtwatch (10 people) 9-10:30am
Bishop Henry Whipple Building, 1 Federal Drive, Fort Snelling, MN 55111

Call to Action

  1. Contact Governor Walz- 651-201-3400 and your State Legislators –  
    State your opposition to any expansion of ICE detention beds in MN and 
    to any private prisons in MN.
  2. Tell your Senators to oppose indefinite detention of migrant children
  3. Nonviolence at the border & beyond
  4. What Would Whipple Do?

The next ICOM monthly meeting will be 6:30 pm, Thursday, September 19 at 
Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis.