Accompanying Immigrants in Detention

The Accompanying Immigrants in Detention (AID) program enables ICOM volunteers to directly support immigrant detainees and their families who live in the Twin Cities area.

In addition to contributing emotional and spiritual support, ICOM AID facilitates financial support either through direct donations from our members or by helping families conduct fundraisers and social media campaigns within their communities. In ICOM’s model, funds can be used for anything from rent to utilities to legal fees, depending on the family’s most critical needs.

Our volunteers also help families navigate the byzantine immigration system in a multitude of ways, such as facilitating family and clergy visits, helping to complete court forms, attending hearings and writing letters to judges. ICOM’s presence in court has been cited as evidence of community support, which can be a deciding factor in the decision to release detainees on bond.

You can leave voicemail for ICOM AID at 612-217-1185 or send email by clicking the button below.