Eric Celeste

December 2017 Vigil

Please join us for ICOM’s monthly prayer vigil and courtwatch Tuesday, December 12, at 7:30AM at Ft. Snelling.  In tomorrow’s program, we will hear from a DACA High School student and we will deliver a letter to ICE asking for a meeting in January. A main point of the letter will be to emphasize ICOM’s …

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November 2017 Vigil

Please join us for our next ICOM prayer vigil on November 14th: “Our Dreams Can’t Die: Remembrance and Resilience.” This ICOM prayer vigil will begin by reading the names of all immigrants who have died in detention in the US in 2017 and will continue with ICOM’s steadfast demand for a “Clean DREAM Act.” 8am interfaith …

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October 2017 Vigil

Iran. Libya. Somalia. Syria. Yemen. North Korea. Venezuela. Chad. The residents of these eight countries, six of them with majority Muslim populations, are, in whole or in part, banned from traveling to the United States.  The Muslim Ban overwhelmingly bars tourists, families of American residents, and even those seeking medical visas from entering the United …

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August 2017 Vigil

Just a reminder about our interfaith vigil at the immigration court building tomorrow morning at 8am. We hope to see you there as we take a stand against the unjust policies that are tearing apart families and damaging our communities.