Eric Celeste

October 2018 Vigil

Please join us Tuesday morning, Oct. 9th, at 7:30am for our vigil at the Whipple Federal Building. The forecast calls for rain tomorrow but the deportation machine will not shut down for rain and neither will we. We will only cancel our vigil tomorrow if there is thunder and lightning in the area. Check the ICOM Facebook …

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September 2018 Vigil

Tomorrow, 9/10 from 1-3pm, we will be making “new” signs for the Tuesday vigil. Please join us at the Friends Meeting House, located at 1725 Grand Ave., St. Paul. ICOM will bring poster board and markers but you may wish to bring some of your own as well. The Tuesday 9/11 vigil will begin at 7:30am …

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August 2018 Vigil

One year ago, the Interfaith Coalition on Immigration (ICOM), began monthly action vigils at the Whipple Federal Building. For the past year, we have stood at Pharaoh’s front door to speak truth to power in solidarity with our immigrant sisters and brothers.  On May 22nd, several of our members put our bodies on the line …

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July 2018 Vigil

We are honored that Rev. Daniel Wolpert will be joining us from Plymouth Congregational Church, along with members of the Faith Mennonite Church Choir. Peace and blessings to everyone and we hope to see you Tuesday morning. Call to Action Let your Senators know that separating families is wrong. NETWORK, the Catholic social justice lobby, has …

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June 2018 Vigil

St Joan of Arc will be hosting the June ICOM vigil at the Whipple Federal Courthouse at 7:30 am on Tuesday, June 12.  As you see in the news, the deportation machinery is ramping up in its intensity and cruelty, now intentionally separating children from parents who are seeking asylum.  It’s an important time for people of faith to …

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April 2018 Vigil

Please join on April 10th at 7:30am at the Whipple Federal Building for our monthly vigil. The flyer is attached.  The theme this month is “Let My People Go” and is sponsored by our friends at Congregation Shir Tikvah, Mount Zion Temple and Congregation Beth Jacob.

February 2018 Vigil

Call to Action Call Congress and Demand a Clean DREAM Act – Despite the popularity of the legislation, a DREAM Act that would provide a pathway to citizenship for thousands of DACA recipients is being held hostage to a white supremacist vision that would endanger refugees, separate families, and incarcerate thousands.  Contact your Congressional delegation now …

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January 2018 Vigil

Call to Action Here are the actions ICOM members should take this month to stand publicly with our immigrant neighbors.  Those interested in planning future vigils and other solidarity actions are invited to attend our next monthly meeting at 6:30 pm on Thursday, January 18 at the Twin Cities Friends Meeting House at 1725 Grand …

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